1 May, 2014
CalHealth's Innovative MDMouse Blood Pressure Monitor Named INDEX:Award 2013 Nominee

IRVINE, May 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – CalHealth, Inc., an Irvine-based company developing home health monitoring solutions, announced today that its MDMouse™ blood pressure monitor, an innovative blood pressure measurement system for use with personal computers, has been nominated for the INDEX: Award 2013.

The MDMouse monitor incorporates a finger cuff mechanism inside a computer mouse. The ergonomic mouse connects through the PC’s USB port, and is used like a normal mouse. But inside the mouse is a unique blood pressure monitor consisting of a rotating finger cuff and proprietary algorithms for accurately determining systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate. The data can also be automatically uploaded directly to personal health records for review by the user’s clinician.

The INDEX: Design award, the biggest design award in the world worth 500,000 Euros, is widely recognized as the most important design award in the world, showcasing the positive outcome and effect of the world’s best examples of Design to Improve Life addressing health and global welfare issues. Winners of the INDEX: Design award will be announced August 29, 2013 under the attendance of HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark and a global audience at an awards ceremony in historic Helsingør, Denmark.

"We are truly honored to be part of this prestigious competition. The INDEX: Design award represents a pinnacle of design, and simply to be considered among so many outstanding examples of global innovation is a great testament to the creativity and focus at CalHealth. Our MDMouse blood pressure monitor is a unique approach to the problem faced by a large and growing number of people worldwide who need to regularly monitor their blood pressure, and we are very excited to be recognized for this innovative product."

About CalHealth, Inc.
CalHealth, Inc. is a privately held Irvine company founded in 2006 and focused on providing innovative, simple to use solutions that aid in the monitoring of chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. The MDMouse™ monitor is the company’s innovative blood pressure monitor incorporated inside a standard computer mouse, making it easier for users to regularly measure their blood pressure and providing the health care industry with a better connection directly to its patients.

About INDEX: Design to Improve Life
INDEX: Design to Improve Life® is a Danish NPO with global reach. Created in 2002, INDEX: Design to Improve Life® is in sync with the values and principles that made Danish design widely renowned in the last century, focusing on humanism, social understanding and democratic thinking. Its mission is to promote the application of design and design processes to improve vital areas of people’s lives worldwide by showing people how their personal lives and the lives of people around them can be improved by Design to Improve Life.