frequently asked questions

About the MDMouse Blood Pressure Monitor

Can the MDMouse monitor be used as my normal computer mouse?
Absolutely! The MDMouse product was designed to be used as your normal computer mouse, and has all the scrolling and button click features you are used to. This way it is always convenient and handy, right on your desk.

What computer can the MDMouse monitor be used with?
The MDMouse monitor is for use with PC computers using the Windows® operating system. It is compatible with Windows8, Windows7, XP, and Vista versions of Windows.

Can the MDMouse monitor be used with Apple Macintosh® computers?
The MDMouse monitor is not currently compatible with the Apple operating system. However, if you are using an Apple computer running a Windows OS emulator such as Parallels or Wineskin, you can use the MDMouse and run it as a Windows application.

Can the MDMouse be used with children or infants?

It is OK for children to use the MDMouse as a computer mouse. However, the blood pressure measurement function is designed for use with people over age 18. Attempting blood pressure measurement with children may result in inaccurate and/or inconsistent readings.

How should I clean my MDMouse monitor?
The MDMouse monitor can be easily cleaned with a soft, damp cloth. Do not flush the device with water or use alcohol-based solvents or cleaning agents.

I love my MDMouse BP monitor, but would like to have a version that doesn’t require a cord. Where can I get a wireless version?
CalHealth are currently developing additional models of our blood pressure monitoring products. Please check our website periodically to see when we are introducing new products.

Setting up the MDMouse Monitor

I don’t have a CD-ROM drive on my computer. How do I install the software?
You can download the latest version of MDMouse software from our website. Please go to Software Dowloads where you will find a section for “Software” and follow the on-screen directions.

All of the USB ports on my computer are already in use – how can I connect the MDMouse product?
You can expand the number of USB ports by purchasing a “USB Hub”, available through most stores that sell computer accessories.

Does the MDMouse product support languages other than English?
Yes. In the MDMouse application, you can select your own language instead of the using the default (English). Start the application, click View > Language and select your language from the list. The application restarts automatically and displays in your selected language. You do not have to re-log in again.

How many different users can be set up to use the MDMouse monitor?
There are essentially an unlimited number of users that can be defined in the application interface (see more information below under “Managing User Accounts”.

How many measurement data points can be stored?
There are no limits on the number of data points that can be tested and stored with your MDMouse monitor. You’re only limited by the available capacity on your computer hard drive, but practically speaking you could have dozens of users, each taking multiple measurements per day, and it would take many, many years to be a limitation.

Managing User Accounts

How do I set up a new user account?
There are two ways to create a new user account. The first method is to create a new user account using the login screen. When you start the MDMouse application, the login screen displays, simply enter a new user name and password to create a new account and log in at the same time.
Alternatively, you can click User > Add User in the MDMouse application to display the login screen. Enter a new user name and password and click OK.

How do I switch to a different user?
After you have logged in the MDMouse application, you can always switch to another user account. From the main menu, click User > Select User and select the user account you want to use. A screen similar to the login screen displays. Enter the password for the user account and click OK to switch.

How do I delete a user account?
To delete a user account, click User > Remove User from the main menu and click the user name you want to delete. A warning screen displays prompting you to confirm the deletion. Once you delete an account, all related data is also removed.

How do I change my account password?
To change your account password in the MDMouse application, click User > User Profile and click Change Password to display the Password screen that is similar to the Login screen. Type a new password in the fields and click OK. The new password applies the next time you log into the MDMouse application.

What if I forget my user login password?
If you have forgotten your login password, click New User in the Login screen to create a new account. Once you are logged in using the new user account, you can delete the old account whose password you have forgotten (refer to Deleting a User Account).

Using the MDMouse Monitor

Which finger should be used to take a blood pressure measurement?
The left index finger should be used for measurement. If there is a physical issue that might prevent the use of that finger, you may try the right index finger.

What size of index finger can be used?
The cuff is designed for adult left index fingers and will fit finger circumference between 1.5-3.5 inches (3.7 ~8.8 cm).

Where is the best spot on my finger to put the cuff?
You should insert your left index finger as far as it will go into the blood pressure cuff ring, so that the cover is covering the lowest part of your finger between your knuckle and the first joint on your index finger.

Do I need to close the cover on the MDMouse while taking a measurement?
It is not absolutely necessary to close the cover, but it is recommended you do so to help keep the finger cuff in a stable position while you take your blood pressure readings, improving measurement accuracy and repeatability.

Should I have the MDMouse monitor sitting on the desk while taking a blood pressure measurement?
No, it is best to hold the MDMouse monitor in your hand and holding at heart level when taking a BP measurement. It is best to have your arm resting on an armrest, or desk, and hold the MDMouse to the base of your sternum (chest).

What do the numbers printed on the blood pressure cuff ring mean?
The printed on the ring give a rough indication of finger size when the cuff is snugly tightened on your finger. You may find these helpful to repeat how to tighten the cuff from measurement to measurement to improve consistency.

Tips on Blood Pressure Measurement
Do I need to wait between taking readings, or can I take several readings quickly, one right after another?

It is recommended that you wait 3-5 minutes between taking consecutive readings. When taking the reading, the inflatable cuff gently squeezes your finger, and taking a slight break between readings will let the blood flow in your finger recover to a normal relaxed state, improving the consistency of the readings.

Does it matter what time of day I take my blood pressure?

A person’s blood pressure is constantly changing, and can fluctuate considerably throughout a single day. It is also affected by the seasons and the weather. A normal, healthy person’s blood pressure fluctuates within a range of approximately ±10 mmHg. Because of this, one reading is not sufficient to get an accurate picture of your blood pressure. It is recommended that you get in the habit of checking your blood pressure at fixed times, several times a day, every day, and keep a detailed record of your readings (the MDMouse helps you do this – you can set calendar alerts, and it stores all readings for easy display or transmission to your doctor).

Can I take a blood pressure measurement during or right after exercising?
No, it is not recommended to take a blood pressure reading right after exercising. It is always best to be calm and relaxed, and not talk during measurement to improve the accuracy of the readings.

Can temperature make a difference in blood pressure reading accuracy?

Yes. If your finger is cold, please warm up before measuring your blood pressure (please make sure the room temperature will not be below 50 degree Fahrenheit or 10 degree centigrade).

Problems and Troubleshooting

The inflatable finger cuff does not inflate after starting a measurement. What should I do?
Stop the MDMouse application and restart it, and see if that fixes the problem. If not, disconnect the MDMouse USB cable from your computer and reconnect.

The cuff fails to deflate after I’ve complete taking a measurement. What should I do?
Unplug the USB cable from your computer; this should cause the cuff to deflate. After you’ve reconnected, try to take a measurement again and see if it functions properly. If not, restart the MDMouse application.

It appears that my blood pressure readings are erratic. Is there something I should do differently to improve the readings?
It is common to see some blood pressure variation throughout the day and from day to day, however these changes should not be extremely different from your normal reading. First, try taking several measurements over a 15-20 minute period to see if they are relatively consistent. If not, please make sure you:

  • Make sure the finger cuff is positioned all the way down on the left index finger.
  • Have your index finger oriented so the base of your finger lays along the side of the MDMouse.
  • Tighten the finger cuff so it is snug against your finger. It should be tight enough that you cannot easily move your finger within the cuff (but take care not to overtighten!)
  • While taking a measurement, hold your left hand and MDMouse monitor at heart level (about at your sternum). Do this consistently every time you take a measurement.
  • Keep your finger very still during the measurement. Even slight movement can be interpreted by the pressure sensors in the MDMouse and can affect accuracy. Also, don’t talk or move your body around much during a measurement.

I received an error message when trying to take a measurement. What should I do?
You may receive a message that the finger cuff is too loose, or too tight, or possibly a different message. The most common cause of errors during measurement is slight finger movement during the measurement process. It is helpful to keep your finger as still as possible while testing your blood pressure.
Further information on error conditions can be found in the Quick Start User Guide included with your MDMouse monitor, and these are also repeated in the table below.

Error Message
Malfunction – Please Measure Again
A problem occurred when during operation. If the problem persists, try disconnecting and reconnecting the MDMouse and try again.
Communication Error – Reconnect MDMouse
A data communication error between the MDMouse and your PC has occurred. Disconnect the USB cable and reconnect
Inflation Malfunction – Please Measure Again
Readjust the finger cuff and measure again. The cuff should feel snug on the finger, but not so tight it is restricting blood flow
Deflation Malfunction – Please Measure Again
A problem occurred while deflating the finger cuff. Readjust the cuff and try measuring again. Keep your finger still since even slight movements can affect measurements
Finger Ring Too Loose – Readjust and Measure Again
Readjust the finger cuff and measure again. Make sure the cuff is snugly tightened at the base of the left index finger
Finger Ring Too Tight – Readjust and Measure Again
Readjust the finger cuff and measure again. The cuff should feel snug on the finger, but not so tight it is restricting blood flow
Data Invalid – Please Measure Again
The collected data appeared to have a problem. The most common cause is movement of the finger during measurement. Readjust the finger cuff and measure again.

How long is the MDMouse monitor warranty?
The MDMouse blood pressure monitor is guaranteed for 1 (one) year from the date of purchase. The guarantee does not apply to damage caused by improper handling, accidents, not following the operating instructions or alterations made to the instrument by third parties. You can find the complete MDMouse warranty information here.

I need to return my MDMouse for warranty service. What should I do?
First, please check the troubleshooting section of the user guide, as there may be an easy fix to the problem you are experiencing. If you are still unable to resolve the problem and wish to request warranty service, you may contact CalHealth at . Please describe the nature of your problem in your email.