The MDMouse monitor is the first consumer blood pressure device incorporated into a standard computer mouse. No more digging in a drawer to pull out a stand-alone BP monitor and fumbling with cumbersome arm cuffs. You’re already seated and in an ideal position to take a blood pressure measurement. Just a flip open the cover and swivel out the cuff, tighten around your index finger, and take your measurement. Keeping track of your blood pressure has never been easier!

  • Ergonomic mouse is comfortable to use
  • Accurately measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Built-in finger cuff fits a wide range of index finger sizes
  • No limits on number of users or number of readings
  • Create automatic alerts to remind you when to take a reading
  • No need to jot down readings to take to your physician – either use the automatic upload feature, or email or print your data file
  • Easy to install – Run the install CD, then connect to a USB port, and you’re set!

Quickly Check Your BP

It’s conveniently right at your computer. Just a quick flip to open the cuff, click “Start”, and a few seconds later you’re done!

Track Your History

Check to see how your blood pressure is trending over time with the simple, intuitive log and charting tools.

Send to Your Doctor

Automatically uploads your data to your personal health records so your doctor can easily review your blood pressure history.


System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista32/64, XP, NT, ME, 2000, or 98
Mouse Type: Optical
Connection: USB
Cable Length: 145 cm (57 inches)
Mouse Resolution: 1000 dpi
Size: 125L x 65W x 46H mm (4.9L x 2.5W x 1.8W inches)
Measurement Type: Oscillometric with proprietary algorithmic processing
Measurement Range: Pressure 55-200 mmHg Pulse 40-200 bpm
Accuracy: Pressure +/- 3 mmHg Pulse +/- 5% of reading
Cuff Size: Left Index Finger 1.5 to 3.5” circumference
Compliance Standards: CE, FCC, FDA 510(k), AUS TGA

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